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The Mando Method

The Mando Method Podcast, where publishing veteran Armand Rosamilia and relative newcomer Chuck Buda try to find the answers to their writing and publishing questions each week.

Whether it’s social media or the craft of writing or a plethora of other relevant topics, these two authors will tackle them with no holds barred!

Feb 22, 2017

Co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda, of the award winning The Mando Method Podcast, revisit Twitter as their subject this week. You can never get enough Twitter talk. Am I right? They also talk about coffee and a bunch of other random things like they always do, too. 

Marketing Morsels is still on hiatus while...

Feb 15, 2017

Keywords. They're more important than you think for a writer. The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda delve deeper into their own feelings about keywords and what positive and negative things they're doing to help/hinder their own usage of them. 

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Feb 8, 2017

Pitching to publishers. Nerve-wracking. Vomit-inducing. Something every author who wants to work for a publisher might need to do at some point. 

The Mando Method co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda give their own thoughts on the pitching process as well as offer unsolicited advice on what authors should do if...

Feb 1, 2017

Face it: We all judge a book by its cover. Having the best possible representation of your work is the first step to successful sales. Why take the chance on having a bad first impression?

The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda break down their own experiences with cover art and what they see...